Dress: Resun - Res_Gala black MESH dress & jewelry

The brand "Resun" was born in November 2011, and after a short time has already spread in many shops in Italian land and foreign.
The common thread clothing Resun is the Italian fashion, and is dedicated especially to the working of the sculpts and flexi, which enhances the avatar of the wearer, but you can also find some mesh heads, attention to detail.
  You can find different styles: casual, elegant, but also find jewelry, shoes and lingerie, using precious fabrics and also the skin, for men and women, all treated with the utmost care to enhance the femininity in women, and the refinement of 'man.
There is also a department that takes care of wedding dresses both for women and for men including accessories!
Moreover, all the clothes, shoes and jewelry color can be changed upon request if you were to find your favorite color, and even directly request customized models according to your taste!
The goal is to make your image Resun amazing and classy as it can only do Italian style!

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